Format of Our Contract before Starting of Any Project:-

1) After Acknowledge Client Requirements in detail, we Offer our rate per Sq.ft/ Sq.m.

2) We make a proper Contract with Our Client, with the help of BOND or GOVT.OF INDIA NOTARY or any other Contract feasible to Client.

3) Contract papers includes:-

A) Final Architectural Plan

B) Structural Detailing of Project

C) 3D Elevation of Project

D) Final Work details

E) Duration of Project

F) Payment Schedule


4) Signature of both parties on each and every single paper with GOVT.OF INDIA STAMP.



1) Any Changes in Planning, designing and Elevation or any other work after making Contract may results in variation of Total Amount.


2) If Client fails to give payment as per Schedule. He/She is responsible for delay of Completion of Project.


3) If there is any situation arise to breach the Contract, Client has to submit amount till that Stage of project.


4) Client has to fulfil the responsibilities given in Contract.